Valpak. Augmented Reality. Making Coupons Cool Again.

This morning I ran across an article about the coupon Direct Mailer and Digital app provider — Valpak. The article had a simple title: “Augmented Reality Coupons Now Available on Valpak App.” More of headline worthy of a self-serving brand product launch then a news source, but because its got AR in it, it plays.

Essentially, ala the AR Yelp Easter Egg gone mainstream feature you are able to see local and mass retailers around you with an AR mapping tool and in the Valpak case see the retailers that offer feature Valpak coupons and their discounts and promos.

In a recent article in, you can check out a video that tells the whole story. It’s a nice well produced email that’s fun and at the end before their tagline it also promises that Valpak is “making coupons cool again.”

Yes: AR is cool, but with Hopster and others like us, you’ll see coupons are already cool.

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